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Olivia Byrne: Im Sorry

I want to apologize to everyone waiting for me to log back in tonightâ" my best friend was taking into the hospital and I will be staying with her. She was in a car accident hit by a drunk driverâ" She was sober, she is currently is a shaky position and at this point anything could happen. This was only my second day streaming and this is a momentary set backâ" I promise to return HOPEFULLY tomorrow with news. I love doing this and pleasing you guys and… Iâm sorry that Iâve had to run. Iâll be home soon, xoxo. My flirt phone will be going inactive, and I will be back.With much Love,Olivia ByrneP.S. I promise to return soonâ" keep it hard daddy

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Olivia Byrne: Shower… Turns to Bubble

Shower time turned into a, wow I fingered this sweet pussy too hard I canât stand long enough to clean up. Going live soon, watch me wreck myself. Go follow my Instagram @oliviabyrnelovesya ð’ð’

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Olivia Byrne: I'm New–

I’m ready when you are!I am an 18 year old college student, i enjoy modeling, vanilla shakes and french fries, as well as spending my time in the summer sun– I’m a glammed up country girl waiting for a handsome man like you to take my time. xoxo Hope to talk soon.

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Franchy Rose: Franchys New Naughty Schedule

Hi naughty lads!It’s Franchy Rose, in case you have missed it I have changed my cam schedule. I now will be online live from 8 am to 1 pm. I have been trying to get used to my new hours so I have been starting later. Don’t worry before you can blank your naughty eyes I will be bright and early at 8. I notice some of you have been shy to take me private. Don’t worry I don’t bite unless of course, you want me to. 😉 Ummm as for what I have been doing off cam I just have been enjoying the outdoors for a good exercise.

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Franchy Rose: Don't Be Lonesome Franchy is Here

Hello naughty lads!So sorry won’t be on for a couple of days I’m experiencing women issues. I’m not well so I won’t be able to give my very best performance so I won’t be live on cam. Nevertheless, I’m always behind the scenes on twitter or on here adding a dash of my sexiness. Additionally, my legs are always spread off cam as well I think I just enjoy sex that much ya.When I’m not on cam I do my other jobs online and try to keep myself busy until I can cum on cam again. You will most likely find me binge-watching crime documentaries as I love those. I also enjoy long walks on beautiful days. That is how I keep up my amazing body. Don’t worry naughty lads will be on a cam near you really soon. Sending you sweet Franchy kisses muahhaahahahahah.

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Emmy Lou: First Blog!!!

Yâall! I didnât even know this was a thing lol. Hey!!!! Just having some fun online before I have to go run errands and work. Wish I could cum, everyone is being such a tease today! Lolð’ð’

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Lauren Rose Sky: Birthday Present

Hey everyone I know it’s been a while since I’ve shown my face on the site. I’m currently pregnant and my due day is in July so I’ve been having mixed emotions about showing my face here. However my birthday is April 10th and there’s a puppy that I ever so want. Hes a Morkie, hes 399.00 on the just puppies . Com site and I’m open to anyone wanting to get him for me !!!! Have a fantastic weekend babes xoSincerely , your girl

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