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Cassidy Blackwood: 8/20/19

I went out for breakfast and it was amazing! I ate at this super cool and cute old diner! The walls were purple I love purple. They had the best tea and I ate so much my stomach looked pregnant XD… anyways this morning was great!Love you! Cassidy

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Cassidy Blackwood: Mexico

My trip to Mexico was so fun! I had my own room. I got to eat a bunch of good food and try good tequila!!!! I touch wild fish in the ocean they are so pretty! I got to hold monkeys!!!! Over all it was just awesome I wish you could have joined me!Love Cassidy

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Franchy Rose: The Ultimate Naughty Franchys Comeback

Hello naughty Lads!I’m back after a 15 days of naughty departure. I have missed you all truely have you missed me as well? Remember I always want you to cum and I aim to give my very best performance just for my naughty lads. Which is why when I can’t I take off and let my tight pussy get better. I’m all better and am ready to play wont you cum say hi to Franchy and give me a proper welcome back? Moreover when I’m not on cam you can always catch me on the Flirt Phone as it is always on and I’m always ready to give you so much great pleasure. Additionally you can always find me on twitter and see what I’m up to which is something usually naughty of course. I love you all naughty Lads thanks for supporting the dream sending you sweet Franchy kisses muaahahhaahahahahahah.Love,Franchy Rose

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Franchy Rose: Franchys Naughty Departure to a Soon Cumback

Hello naughty lads!I’m sorry i haven’t been on line just haven’t been feeling too well. Thats right currently experiencing women issues. Nonetheless you can message me on here or contact me on my twitter and I will gladly respond. What have you naughty lads been up to? Have you missed Franchy? More importantly have you all been naughty? I myself been ok trying to get my pussy well for you all. I will let you all know when I will be back on cam. I missed you all muahhaahahahahahah sending you all sweet Franchy kisses.Franchy Rose

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Linden Bb: Introduction to My Page

Hey there! I’m a small town misfit, and full time trouble maker. I am very adventurous, and I love to make new friends and meet new people. I’m a bit of a social butterfly, and as you stop in, if you become one of my regular guests, you’ll notice that I love to smile. I love music, and I have a very broad variety when it comes to my playlists. I listen to anything from Pink Floyd to Run DMC, or ICE Cube and Snoop, to Metallica and Lamb of God. Music speaks to the soul, and you can tell a lot about a persons mood, or even how they are by what they listen to on a daily basis. In my spare time, I enjoy painting, and drawing. I am currently working on my apprenticeship portfolio, in hopes that one day I can have a different arrangement of drawings and art pieces to present to a reputable tattoo artist in my area. I love to make people happy, and honestly the happiest times of my life have involved a tattoo gun and loud rock music; among some really chill and dope people who have the same tastes as I do. I am a suicide girls hopeful, and I think the alternative world is amazing, this being because they don’t conform to modern day trends and things that you may see recent celebs doing in magazines. I love all things that go bump in the night, and that make other people think "wtf". But don’t let me scare you off. I don’t bite very hard, and you may just find that you have fun if you tune into my stream and come watch me play! There’s so much more that I feel I could cover, but that’s gonna have to do for now! I hope to hear from you soon! XoXo

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Olivia Byrne: So I Tried to Come Back..

Hey guys!! technical issues on my end apparently, laggy videos aren’t cute. I will be on tomorrow, we just installed it today so they said it would be iffy for about 24 hours– so I will be ready to come back. Miss youxoxo Olivia

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Olivia Byrne: Im Late

Iâm late to our date… but Iâve got a big Vibrating dildo with your name on it. Iâve got anal plugs for you to make me scream. And handcuffs for you to hold me down. Donât forget to check out my Snapchat, and call me on my flirt phone so I can tell you all the dirty things I want you to do to me. Iâm ready.

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