Olivia Byrne: Guess Who’s Back…

Oh Gosh, where do I even begin… As much as I have missed you– Life has kept me busy. I moved out of Missouri Finally and to the Ocean as I have dreamed… The ocean is beautiful. To feel something wrap around you and so easily carry and move you… It’s beautiful. I love it, though to my surprise the sun Is much much muuuuuch hotter here in North Carolina. A few changes have occurred– Black hair, some beautiful tattoos, but my body is still lean… slim…. and soft waiting for you. It’s been far too long so I have some exciting news– I’ll be back on Earlier than expected. How much earlier? Tomorrow. I miss you soooo Much that I’ve cleared my schedule just for you. I hope you come see me… I’ve been missing you. xoxoOlivia Byrne

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Travon Richardson & Doja Doll: Deepest Apologies

Omg we are soooo sorry our internet crashed we had two guest pay for a show. we will gladly do a pvt show for you guys all u have to do is tell us how much u paid and what i was going to do to doja lol call it my little security feature also our snap chat is now up and running feel free to hit us up give us some ideas on how we can better please you sincerelyTravon

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Travon Richardson & Doja Doll: Demands

Hello all, We do take notice to all requests. However, to make our shows more entertaining for you please keep in mind tipping is essential to please our viewers. To all our regulars and tippers, thanks for your time and support! We have a blast spending time with you. Until next show, -Travon and Doja

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Alliey Katt: Mia

So as most of my followers are aware, I was gone for a while but only because I was ill. Nobody wants a girl on cam coughing and sneezing. So I took the time off to take care of myself. While it may not been the best option for me being a new cam girl, I feel I made a good decision. My day has been nice. Itâs beautiful where I live with the sun shining and birds chirping. I found myself unsatisfied with my cam session this morning, maybe because I wasnât taken private to please my viewer and myself and instead had to finish the job off cam ð~¢. But I know there is always later. Iâm hoping I can hop online and someone can giveMe another orgasm, itâs always better to orgasm with someone then alone in my opinion. I can only hope someone later will play with me. For I have been so lonley without the company of my followers.

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Andi Belle: Driving Me to Distraction

Every now and then, when I turned my head just right… When my tank top bloused out a bit… I’d catch his scent on myself. His sweat mixed with the Right Guard deodorant he wore coming up from my tits and stomach, where his body had been pressed against mine while he rode me. And that other scent, indescribable, but undeniably “him”, on my lips and cheeks from having my face buried between his legs earlier that day. I knew I’d never get anything productive finished with that kind of distraction, so I decided to take a few minutes to relieve the tension. Clear my mind of it so I could get on with my day. I got my favorite toy and settled back on the bed. The fingers on my left hand slid into my panties and found the wetness that would help me slide my first two fingers inside myself and touch my G-spot. Hooking my finger, I found it and tried the same technique that he always used. It felt good but never as eye-rolling, deep moaning, and ass-squirmingly good as it did when he did it. Like he had only hours earlier….I undressed as I was greeting him. He watched me from the bed, propped against a mountain of pillows. I’ve never understood why he needed so many pillows. They just got in my way. I was forever smearing makeup on them and throwing them out of the bed when we were fucking. When I’d piled my clothes on a nearby table, I bounced up onto the bed. He got up and moved behind me, positioning me on my knees with my back to him. Usually he bends me forward at this point and gives my pussy and ass his tongue’s attention, so I was surprised to feel him reach around me and caress my breasts. He kissed the curve of my neck… that sweet spot right by my collarbone. I could feel his cock pressing against my ass as his hands explored my body, moving expertly from my tits to my pussy. His fingers pinching my nipples just enough before sliding down to work my swollen clit. I couldn’t take the teasing and turned to him, ready to lay back with my legs spread wide for him. But he just smirked and took his place propped up against the pillows again; his legs open a bit, knees just slightly bent. I grabbed a hair tie from the nightstand and positioned myself between his legs on my stomach. I took his cock between my lips and worked up and down, getting it wet so that the shaft moved easily in and out of my mouth. I took it deeper each time. I heard his breath catch and felt his hips start to move. I pulled in a gulp of air and went down, taking him further down my throat. He put his hands in my hair and his hips started thrusting. Soon, all I had to do was occasionally gulp air as he fucked my mouth and throat. My lips were almost to the base of his cock as he moaned, “Fuck yes, right there” I gagged and my eyes watered and my pussy gushed. Finally I had to come up for air. I continued to suck and lick his balls while I gasped. My tongue went further as I explored his ass. The word “chemistry” is often casually used to refer to a connection between people who have great sex. But chemistry is absolutely real and much more than great sex. I know it when I get near him and I can’t escape it when I get my tongue in his ass. I lose my mind. I go dizzy with desire for him. I have to get him inside me. Immediately. I climbed on top of him and my eyes rolled back as I slid down on his hard cock. I moved up and down slightly, back and forth slightly, working my G-spot with his dick. I pitched forward when I came. I had to stop myself from hitting the wall behind his bed and I wished I had one of those pillows so I could lean forward and continue to let him thrust; fucking me from underneath me while he sucked and bit my nipples. I was weak by then. As much from cumming as from fucking him and a lack of oxygen. “You get on top” I commanded him, as I dismounted and took a place against the pillows. Soon he was over me thrusting in and out while I moaned. My pussy was dripping wet and I couldn’t help but squirm and buck beneath him. His mouth found that perfect spot on my neck again. He felt huge inside me. Every thrust made me wetter and wanting more. I didn’t want him to cum yet though, so I slowed and asked him, “Do you want my ass now?” Did I have to ask? I rolled over and lifted my hips to give his tongue easy access to my sweet tight asshole. He started with a finger. Then two. I was wriggling and pushing against his hand as he tried to hold me still, while finger fucking my ass. Then I felt his hands on my ass cheeks. And his cock pushing slightly, slowly. I winced when he finally slid his dick all the way inside. The first few strokes were always about adjusting to having that huge cock inside me. Then I relaxed. I started grinding back against him. My pussy gripped and contracted in frustration from the sensations my ass felt while my sweet pussy was empty and could do nothing but continue to drip and pulse. These orgasms are incredibly intense for me and I nearly lost control; moaning his name, begging him to keep pounding my ass. I could tell by the way his hands gripped my waist that he wouldn’t be holding out much longer. “Cum in my ass baby, pleease blow it deep in my ass!” I begged him. He was fucking me at a frantic pace, hard and fast and deep, when I felt him grip my hips, shudder, and I heard that little breathy moan he gives when he cums….I turned my head slightly and caught that smell…. His sweat and the pheromones still on my mouth from hours before. My fingers worked my clit furiously while I slid the little purple wand in and out of my asshole. My face and chest got hot, my body tingled all over. My legs clamped shut and I rolled to the side breathing his name as I came. Even with a solo orgasm behind me, I knew I’d still be distracted as long as as I could smell him on me. Maybe a shower was in order? I grabbed my favorite shower toy and headed to the bathroom…

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Franchy Rose: Franchys Making Her Pussy All Better

Hiya naughty lads!As some of you may already know I have been away from my cam as I’m not feeling too well. Yes, my women problems are in full effect. Nonetheless, I wanted you all to know I’m thinking of you all and hope you all miss seeing my tight pussy live on cam. I miss you all as well. Lately, I have been on my back mostly (wish is the way I usually like it) letting my sexy body rest. I will be back soon legs spread and all. Follow me on twitter to get more awesome updates. Sending you sweet Franchy kisses muahahahahahah.

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Lili Moris: Sadomasochist

I like to mistreat what she considers her lucky victims, but she likes to be sexually abused much more.Everyone bores you.But instead.Anthony is tough, he does not like the cheesy or lipstick in excess that leave marked on his genital.They all seem the same to him; They talk like bitches and just act like stupid lovers waiting for him to lead them and make love to them.Both have something clear: They only Fuck.But what would happen if they accidentally crossed paths?No copies or adaptations are accepted.

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