Megan Leanne: Such a Busy Mom

Today has been so eventful. I have done hair, moved a bunch of stuff into my home, unpacked a billion boxes (it seems) and even managed to care for these three little heart beats I have running around.Honestly I feel like a super hero sometimes. How do I manage to make this life function for all of us and not appear exhausted. Yet, I lay in my bed right now…with my seven year old passed out next to me (did I say she doesn’t feel good through all of this?) And think…dang…..I’m whooped. Haha.It’s worth it.

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Andi Belle: I Won’t Eat Crow… but I Might Nibble on You!

I said wild horses would not be able to keep me from logging in yesterday… but here I am with a plateful of crow and a bottle of bar-b-que sauce. I could say things like there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip, the best laid plans and the best plans to get laid, but cliches aside, life just happens (had to slip that last one in there!). Especially when you have a HERD of Chihuahuas and a trip out of state planned. Thanks to your generosity, at least I was able to leave the pups with a dog nanny this time instead of tossing them in the garage with a blanket and a bag of dog food and best wishes that their survival skills are better than those of the giant rat that ate my tomatoes all summer and continues to evade capture. I’m just kidding! I don’t have rats. Unless you count the Chihuahuas. And I would never leave them in the garage. The closest they have been to that garage was following me out there when I threw out the box to their heated dog bed. So yes, they are almost as spoiled as I am. And it really is their fault I did not broadcast last night. So I do apologize and I hope I can make it up to you…. What if I showed you my boobs? It’s settled then… remind me next time I see you. If my inbox is any indication, I have a feeling I am going to be doing a lot of flashing in about a week!Kisses and boobies!AndiP.S…. Fan Club members are getting an early start on my “apology”. So if you aren’t a member yet, join now for exclusive pics I’ll be posting to my Fan Club during my vacay!

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Andi Belle: Upcoming Vacation

As much as I am looking forward to seeing family and friends, I am really gonna miss you guys…. I will be offline from November 7-13th. I will keep posting snaps and pics and maybe a blog. If you really want to keep up with me, join my Fan Club! I’ll be posting lots of fun and HOT content there while I’m on vacation! My schedule is updated for the next few days. Hope to see you tonight!Kisses and licks,Andi

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Amara Von: My Experience Camming So Far

So I’m really loving all the attention and how many great people I’m meeting.! You have all been amazing and very receptive to me! (Minus a couple). I just really want to say, thank you for your patience as I figure out all the ins and outs, and if you stick with me it will be so worth it! Please, don’t hesitate to send me a message! I love connecting with you and I’m always grateful for any bits of advice you may have. Until next time and with lots of love,*Amara*

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Chloey: Sunday 26th August

Tonight was another AMAZING night! I mainly spent it with one man who is a very dear friend to me. He totally blew my mind by treating me to some hands free orgasms in party chat. He kept dropping 100 after 100 and building up my pleasure until tips filled the screen and I couldnât help but explode with extacy.. more than once. It continues…After that he took me off into a private show and completely filled me and as always is totally focused on MY pleasure. He is such a giver and knows how to make a lady smile in all ways. We spent an hour making hot sweet love and by the end I felt totally satisfied and fulfilled. I needed that more than you know. RATING 4.5 Stars

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Karsyn Kelly: What is It Recently???

Do I have a booger hanging out of my nose? Food on my face or lipstick on my teeth? Lately I have been getting the longest stares when im out in public. Im wondering what it is that im doing that are the cause for these long gazes! Its the length of time where its not completely creepy/stalker like, but definitely longer then the normal “glance over” or quick second eye contact with a stranger. It falls right in between….a couple of my friends have mentioned it to me too that I get the weirdest/longest stares. Anyways, Just was wondering if anyone goes through similar semi-awkward glances or at least has ideas of the possible reasons? ORRRR I may be thinking way too much into this particular subject and somehow has formed a public insecurity of sorts. I also then become paranoid to where these people recognize me from being on Cam, am I supposed to feel embarrassed or flattered? I feel torn between the two. Anywho, just my thought of the day before I hit the hay! (hey look im suddenly a poet today too!!! haha) Hope everyone sleeps well and would love to hear from new friends!!!!XO Karsyn

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Chloey: Wednesday 8th August

I am starting my hot new blog tonight. I hope u will enjoy what I am going to share with u. I thought some of you may be curious about the life of a cam model. So from now on all future blogs will be under the â~life of a cam modelâ title. Enjoy.Wednesday 8th August – tonight started off a bit slow but I was so horny I managed to get a guy into private and suck his dick in the shower. I put my hair in a ponytail and let him fuck my face. Jesse was very generous to me tonight and gave me loads of tips so I took him into a Fan Club show and let him put anal beads up my ass. I made myself cum with them up there. I am still quite new to anal toys. I also (as usual,luckily) received some offline support on flirt4free through the way of offline tips. This is so helpful to me and shows me u care about me every day, not just when u are looking at my body. It was nice to see a few other guys come and go, tip and pvt. Any other privates that stand out from now on will get a mention in this blog.

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