Lauren January: Saturfunday

Every 8 weeks or so i dye my hair bleach blonde so i can keep fresh, did that last night and it turned out great! looking fab! Went online for a bit today, made some new friends, then went for beer and pizza with fam. next stop ruths chris for some pricey shit haha! Cold af here lately, need some coffee to warm up, or hey how about a hot bath to keep me going lolz either one will do.

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Lexie Daniels: 5 Years and I’m Back

Crazy it’s been 5 years since I’ve done this. I was only 20, now look at me. I’m 25, grown into a women. I was recently watching my videos and man do I miss the way I look. I will get back to at least the weight. I know I’ve gained some weight the last few years, its been a struggle. Once I get everything back up and going again I’ll start camming guys. Don’t you worry!

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