Ariella Devine: First Blog!!

hey everyone this is my first blog on here!! so I am new to this and have never tried web camming but I have always wanted to; i was really insecure to try up until now….so I got everything set up and even got my room lights int the right spots, i checked my camera and sound everything worked! I was more ready than ever!!!! As I was getting ready to do my first big day at web camming, I finally hit the start chat button…… My nerves were going high, I felt like there was a million butterflies in my stomach as I saw the users in the chat room were going up and up….!! Turns out my camera doesn’t work for the web cam site and need to get a new one……. Are you serious?!?!?! ughhhhh….Hopefully soon ill get my web cam to work or I can get a new one 😉 .Hope you all have an amazing day!! lots of love from yours truly,Ariella Devine

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