Karren Ross: My Dream

Hi guys! Thank you for being here and support me achieving my dreams. As i was a little girl i loved playing with make up and doing face beauty tricks. I recently discoverd a new passion , EYELASHES , wich fits me very well. With your nice treat i will finally reach to monetize my passion and be a good trained LASH ARTIST. I followed a few trainings programs and I am a few steps away to reach my next goal.Love spread to all of you from my heart !

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Linsy Brooke: First Class!

ok in this space i want to tell u my history, im a sexy girl, 19 years old, student… searching pleasure in my life, thats the reason because i’m webcam model… in my first day here i can describe like a first day in the university, just learn about my body; i really like toucg my body, feel my hands around my ass and my boobs thats make me feel horny! with my short age i looking for a good climax where can see the stars !!!

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Myaa Love: A Little Bit of Love a Lot of Freaky

Hey guys,If we haven’t had the chance to met yet, my name is Myaa. I work as a dancer and have been on the site for just over a week now. I have learned so much from some of the users (not basic or guest). Some of you are super sweet, and so helpful. Some are constantly begging for free shows or a sneak peeks *rolls eyes (don’t be this person)…. however all of us are freaks who aren’t afraid to show the nasty/naughty side of our personalities. And to be honest that’s what I am enjoying the most. Working in this type of industry I’ve met some of the realest, most genuine people that I know. People who aren’t afraid to open up and share their dirty little secrets. I really think the world needs more of that. If you’ve watched my shows you’ve heard me say that we all have a freak inside of us, and its those who suppress it that tend to let it run wild and end up getting into trouble and having whole Netflix series or documentaries about them. Although I enjoy watching and learning about these individuals it is a little disturbing whenever I remember that this is real life, and these nightmares are someones reality. Anyways, I’ll stop rambling now. I love to talk and interact in my room. If your up for it and want to get to know more about me add me to your favourites and turn on the notifications so you know when I’m online. My schedule is kind of all over the place and you’ll find that I’m on at all hours of the day or night. Hope to see you soon. Until then, stay freaky. Xxo Myaa Love

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Agata Wolf: I Want to Meet Many Warm and Tender Friends from All over the World

Hello guys I am a very tender girl and very affectionate, I like to be conquered with nice words, give me flowers and make me laugh a lot, when I go to bed I like to be cherished and filled with many kisses throughout my body and feel the cock and The tongue of a very hard man within my

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Lexie Daniels: 5 Years and I’m Back

Crazy it’s been 5 years since I’ve done this. I was only 20, now look at me. I’m 25, grown into a women. I was recently watching my videos and man do I miss the way I look. I will get back to at least the weight. I know I’ve gained some weight the last few years, its been a struggle. Once I get everything back up and going again I’ll start camming guys. Don’t you worry!

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Leela Moon: Cute but Naughty?

Yes! Because I can be both, you should not stay with the first impression you have the first time you see me, I can be as naughty as cute and lovely. I’m that kind of woman who can have good conversations about everything, also you can get the wildest thougts being with me. I love to try new experiences in life and of course … in sex.

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Jennifer Costello: Mi Experiencia Como Modelo Webcam / My Experience As a Webcam Model

Todo comenzo hace 7 meses donde por una amiga ingrese a este nuevo y maravilloso mundo, hace algunos años ya me habian hechos propuestas pero siempre lo descarte por el tabu que tenia respecto a esto.Al principio senti un poco de temor por no saber mucho del tema, no saber con que tipo de personas me iba a encontrar, pero para mi sorpresa todo fue mejor de lo que pensaba, esto cambio mi vida completamente ya me preocupaba mas por mi por mi fisico y bienestar por brindarle siempre lo mejor a mis usuarios que pasaron a ser muchos de ese cliente a esa persona interesante y maravillosa que te deja entrar a su vida donde compartes absolutamente todo no solo un tema sexual si no que va mas alla y genera una relacion mas comprometida y te aporta como persona, esto hizo que no viera la trasmision como un trabajo si o como algo que en realidad disfruto desde que me siento frente a la camara hasta que termino, trato de dar siempre lo mejor de mi para que queden felices y satisfechos que los pueda llenar de todo ese amor y alegria que tengo en mi interior.Cada uno de ustedes aporta a mis sueños a que mi dia sea mejor y se llene de alegrias, aporta a mis proyectos y se los quiero devolver con todo el amor del mundo ⥠ENGHLISH:It all began 7 months ago where a friend entered this new and wonderful world, some years ago I had made proposals but always dismissed by the tab I had about this.At first I felt a little afraid of not knowing much about the subject, not knowing what kind of people I was going to find, but to my surprise everything was better than I thought, this changed my life completely and I worried more about myself for my physical and well-being for always providing the best to my users who became many of that client to that interesting and wonderful person who lets you into their life where you share absolutely everything not only a sexual issue but it goes beyond and generates a more committed relationship and brings you as a person, this did not see the transmission as a job if or as something that I really enjoy since I sit in front of the camera until I finish, I always try to give my best so that be happy and satisfied that I can fill you with all that love and joy that I have inside me.Each one of you contributes to my dreams so that my day is better and full of joy, contributes to my projects and I want to give them back with all the love of the world. â¥

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