Franchy Rose: Franchys Making Her Pussy All Better

Hiya naughty lads!As some of you may already know I have been away from my cam as I’m not feeling too well. Yes, my women problems are in full effect. Nonetheless, I wanted you all to know I’m thinking of you all and hope you all miss seeing my tight pussy live on cam. I miss you all as well. Lately, I have been on my back mostly (wish is the way I usually like it) letting my sexy body rest. I will be back soon legs spread and all. Follow me on twitter to get more awesome updates. Sending you sweet Franchy kisses muahahahahahah.

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Franchy Rose: Franchys Two Weeks Long of Cumming

Hello, my naughty lads!This week have been kind of busy for me camming for long hours on your screens. Thanks to you all the towel under my sweet tight pussy has stayed wet with all the naughty chats you all have given me. I love spreading my legs on cam. Being on cam have allowed me to talk to people all over the world I normally wouldn’t be able to in a regular job. I really like my job and enjoy camming. The freedom I get is absolutely amazing. Of course, seeing you cum for me is the icing on the cake. I hope to meet a lot of you really soon. Feel free even to stop by and just say hi. Muahahahahahahahah sending you sweet Franchy kisses.

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Franchy Rose: Franchys Far Too Long

Hello, my naughty lads!I know it’s been a while since I last wrote to you all and a while since I been live prior to this week. I apologize for that just that life has a way of somehow interfering. I have had a lot going on in my life as of late and I promise to be on more regularly on here as some of you guys are really nice. Be sure to follow me to see what I’m getting into. This is a new year and I did promise myself that I was going to work harder on my business. As a new month dawn on us, I welcome a new beginning filled with hope. I hope you all been okay as well. I just wanted to say thank you in advance for supporting my Franchy dreams.

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Franchy Rose: A Cam Girls New Years Wish for You

Dear Diary,So it is the New Year full of hope and promises. As I just started on here I’m looking forward to more fun and naughtiness with you all. I now have 363 more days to cum for you all mmmmmm. I really hope all of you naughty lads have a new year full of happiness and good health. Speaking of good health heading to the doctor tomorrow to take care of my own health. Been sick which is why I’m currently not camming. Hope you all miss me, be back soon. Sending you all sweet Franchy kisses muahhaahahhaahahahha.

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Lasya Vee: Something Fun to Read!! ‘fun Time in My Bathtub”

I started just rubbing myself, the hot water was dripping all across my body, I placed my two fingers of my left hand inside my pussy. I moved them slowly in and out. I was thinking about your nice cock, you looking at me smiling.I turn the vibrator on and run it across my clit. My legs close together, I have to consciously relax and keep them open. it’s so hot in here. I don’t have a lot of time, but I want to cum. I wish I could feel you. I continue to finger myself and rub my clit with the vibrator. My ass tightens and lifts off of the shower floor, I again have to relax and open my legs wide.Thoughts of you rubbing me, touching me, tasting me keep me Wanting more, I can tell I am right there, I push off the wall ever so slightly and the warm water runs right down my clit. my back arches and my pussy squeezes my fingers as I cum quietly by myself. I moan but softly, fuck I want you. I have to lay still on the floor under the water for a few minutes before I can get up. My pussy is soft and swollen!

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Nikki Crystal: Saturday’s Raffle

Hello guys!Saturday was fun! So, let’s take a look on what we got there. The winners were: millser who got 10 minutes private for the 10 tickets bought at once plus he got 50% discount since he is my random draw winner. Next, we have nights1 who also got 10 minutes private show for the tickets he purchased and Nikki_Secret with the same prize. Congratulation guys and don’t forget to buy your ticket for the next raffle! Check out our Xmas promo, too!Good luck!

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Nikki Crystal: Daily Raffle Winner

Hello guys! For the day of 7 December my winner in a daily raffle was dam333 and he got a special offer for the flirt phone: 10 cr/min! Congratulations! Don’t forget to buy your tickets and participate in daily raffles. Random draws take place Tuesday-Saturday at 5 PM EST! Buy more tickets to multiply your chances for winning! Also, check out our Xmas promo! Good luck!

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Nikki Crystal: First Daily Raffle Winner

Hello guys!Yesterday was the first random draw for the daily raffle and my winner was Nikki_Ham! Congrats dear! You won 25 minutes private show with me. The next random draw will be today at 5 PM EST and you can buy your tickets in my room. If you buy more, you have more chances to win. Raffles take place Tuesday-Saturday at 5 PM EST. Of course, don’t forget about our Xmas promo! Good luck!

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Kendra Blu: Saturday’s Raffle

Hello guys! We had many prizes for the Saturday’s raffle and here is my winner: Kendras_Panda who got 10 minutes private show with me for the 10 tickets purchased at once and he was also my random draw winner! Don’t forget to continue buying tickets to participate in more random draws. It’s worth it! Also, don’t forget about our Xmas promo! Come check it out. You might be on my tree! ;)Good luck!

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