Myaa Love: A Little Bit of Love a Lot of Freaky

Hey guys,If we haven’t had the chance to met yet, my name is Myaa. I work as a dancer and have been on the site for just over a week now. I have learned so much from some of the users (not basic or guest). Some of you are super sweet, and so helpful. Some are constantly begging for free shows or a sneak peeks *rolls eyes (don’t be this person)…. however all of us are freaks who aren’t afraid to show the nasty/naughty side of our personalities. And to be honest that’s what I am enjoying the most. Working in this type of industry I’ve met some of the realest, most genuine people that I know. People who aren’t afraid to open up and share their dirty little secrets. I really think the world needs more of that. If you’ve watched my shows you’ve heard me say that we all have a freak inside of us, and its those who suppress it that tend to let it run wild and end up getting into trouble and having whole Netflix series or documentaries about them. Although I enjoy watching and learning about these individuals it is a little disturbing whenever I remember that this is real life, and these nightmares are someones reality. Anyways, I’ll stop rambling now. I love to talk and interact in my room. If your up for it and want to get to know more about me add me to your favourites and turn on the notifications so you know when I’m online. My schedule is kind of all over the place and you’ll find that I’m on at all hours of the day or night. Hope to see you soon. Until then, stay freaky. Xxo Myaa Love

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