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Franchy Rose: Franchys a Naughty Departure

Hello naughty lads!I wont be live for a couple of days as I’m experiencing women issues. This will happen every month the amount of days though varies. If I had it my way I would be online with my legs spread playing with my sweet pussy for you all. Nonetheless it is not under my control what is under my control is informing you guys about my current situation. The best way to know my Franchy going ons is by following my twitter as I give weekly updates and am active. Another way is by following this blog as I’m active on here as well. While I will be taking care of my tight pussy I will be working on my fanclub and creating an Instagram account finally. See you naughty lads soon until then sending you sweet Franchy kisses muhahahaahhaahhaahah.

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Franchy Rose: Franchy Sweet Sorry

Hello naughty lads!Sorry I’ couldn’t make it today I had a headache and I don’t want to log on if I can’t give you all my very best. As a matter of fact most of the time I take off is for some reason or another. You know when life happens and you just have to try to enjoy the ride as best as you can. I know you guys have lives and other important reponsibilites and I’m honoured when you join me in my room even for a little while. I promise to be more consistent though as I don’t want to miss you all too much. Hope you all had a wonderful day see you all on tommorow.

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Cassidy Blackwood: 3%

Omg! Love the show 3 percent anyways Tehehehe I got too 3 percent for 5 days badge and I just got in the three percent and held it!!! Thank you guys so much! This is so awesome! Iâm doing so much better than I could ever hope for! Love Cassidy

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Cassidy Blackwood: High Demand

Today I made it to high demand!! Thank you guys so much! Im sorry I dont so much else besides cam things but Im always so excited when I get badges or level up! It really means a lot to me thank you so much!!! Love you!

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Cassidy Blackwood: Cant Sleep

Ahhh I canât sleep! Im so excited I had my best day yesterday!!! Thank you all so much and today is my one month cammeversary! One month Iâve been on flirt and Iâm already doing so well in the rankings! Its all cause of you and all your support! Thank you so much!!! I just cant believe it!!!

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Olivia Byrne: Guess Who's Back…

Oh Gosh, where do I even begin… As much as I have missed you– Life has kept me busy. I moved out of Missouri Finally and to the Ocean as I have dreamed… The ocean is beautiful. To feel something wrap around you and so easily carry and move you… It’s beautiful. I love it, though to my surprise the sun Is much much muuuuuch hotter here in North Carolina. A few changes have occurred– Black hair, some beautiful tattoos, but my body is still lean… slim…. and soft waiting for you. It’s been far too long so I have some exciting news– I’ll be back on Earlier than expected. How much earlier? Tomorrow. I miss you soooo Much that I’ve cleared my schedule just for you. I hope you come see me… I’ve been missing you. xoxoOlivia Byrne

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Cassidy Blackwood: Omg

Thank you all so much!!! I had my best day ever! I got a new badge! And I got to be naked!!! Im so thankful to you all!!! Your the best C you know who you are! You have made my week great even though it was slow till now! Love you guys Im so happy to be apart of your lives

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