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Olivia Onya

“Let’s have a walk before we run!”

Category: Redhead


I’ve never been good at making myself a description. I guess this is happening because i am never the same, sometimes i am sweet and innocent, and look like i eat candy’s every day, and sometimes my wild part come out and i become a sensual and hungry vampire!!! So the only thing you can do is to come in my world and discover what part of me you like more!!!

My Fantasies? My biggest fantasy is to have sex on a pool table, only the thought at this makes me wet, I wanna be bend over the table by you , having your hands over my hips, while I feel how much you desire to rip off my clothes and have me in that moment.

Olivia loves to tied up to a man up and let him be in complete control of his pleasure! She also enjoys being tied up and letting a man have his way with her to be in complete control of her pleasure.

“I’ve discovered that I like role-plays a lot, I am not into one in particular,i just like to make the scenario with you:P So if you have something in your mind, come and let’s try it!”

join Olivia Onya for breakfast
Join Olivia Onya for breakfast

Olivia Onya’s Favorites:

Sex toys: Glass Dildo, Handcuffs, Nipple Clamps, Vibrator, Whip

Fetishes: Domination, Face Sitting, Feet, Jerk off Instruction, Legs, Orgasm Control/Denial, Slaves, Spanking, Stockings/Panty Hose, Teasing

Role-Playing Scenarios:
Boss / Secretary, Coach/Trainee, Dirty Talk, Doctor / Nurse, Master / Slave, Service Worker/Housewife, Student/Teacher

“I am here to know you!:P So just say ” hello” and let’s know eacth other better!:P” ~ Olivia

  • I am back online
    I haven;t been online from October 22th but from now on you can check my room every day to see me online. I am full of energy and hope we can have as much fun as we used to. Dont't hesitate to tr …

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Lara Rioz: Do You Like the Porn??

Would a girl like to watch porn?, yes, personally i love to watch porn, for me is a good way to increase my fantasies and discovering a brand new from this sites, I like know my body and satisfy completly, how I can make it with you, satisfy and enjoy at the same with me?; feeling in real, touching and enjoy it for real, whatch porn could make you a good lover at time to have sex, the porn could open your mind and help you to know about another "likes" that you didnt know

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Lara Rioz: Learning Each Day

the time what I spend here is fruitful for me, because It help me to learn from each one, their likes, diferences and experiences, dont matter how bad or good can be, each one of you is a new history that I want treasure, we are humans and the life show us and give us time to aproach and reach our goals… we arent here for jude or see the bad things from others, we are here for enjoy our time, dont waste ur time doing this or living other lifes. Im grateful with all of you.

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Lara Rioz: Fantasies …..

I love to imagine all kind ofscenarios for having sex, Im an addict for sex, I hope to make true few of them.I love to read about your fantasies, write me one of the best for you and you how to would like to make it true.

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