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Aphrodite Scarlett: Presentacin

Hi guys!I am new here I have created this profile and I am very excited, my normal life is boring and routine, I am here in search of fun special guys, that are hot, with which to share good times, be honest in what you are looking for, do not be shy because I do not pretend to be, I hope that every night is emosionante, full of desire pleasure, lust, I like to please let go, feel, fantasize with a sweet talk or with a very naughty and dirty. Come and meet me, let’s be friends.I hope to see you soon and have a good timeScarlett

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Adisson Miller: Biblioteca

Hi guys.I was in the library because I had to do some work for the university, I needed a space where I felt nothing to interrupt me.I had been there for a couple of hours, when suddenly I feel that someone enters the room behind my table, do not pay attention, because in this place many people travel, after a while I start to hear a groan, and I stayed a moment in silence and paying attention to the noise, in addition to the groans, it felt as if the skin was sticking to a surface and grinding.the curiosity won me, so I approached the place where the noise came from, in the lounge there was a couple, they were clearly having sex, I thought it was best to return to my studies and let them enjoy, because in the library they had a lot of sex When I was going to turn around and leave, the man growled in a very erotic way to the woman who touched her while he saw her and penetrated her, I don’t know what happened, but my body reacted as if they had told me , an electricity ran through me that reached my pussy and got wet, I could not suddenly look away, and I stood there watching as he grabbed her buttocks and dragged her across the table while penetrating her super hard, she touched the breasts meanwhile, and by reflex action I did the same, my nipples were erect and sensitive, and it excited me a lot, I hid a little behind the door, but I could still observe them through the slit, so being bold I started to unbutton my shirt and touch my breasts above the bra, and with the other hand I lean it hard against my crotch. My body was excited, I wasn’t going to leave it that way; they were still having sex, and I no longer took advantage and I put my hand inside my pants and my panties, I was very wet and I rubbed my clitoris to relieve the sensation, I imagined that I was that girl who was receiving those insights and caresses , I quickly rubbed my sensitive button and stuck two fingers to masturbate, and the other hand was busy brushing my nipples, my breath broke and a soft groan came out of my mouth, I kept rubbing everywhere, I couldn’t stand, I felt that I needed to rub against something hard, I turned around and stood in front of the wall, opened my legs and laid my pelvis, causing the vaginal wall to rub against the wall and take my breasts out of the bra and the cold made me exalt. and I got more wet, I started to slide up and down quickly, while at the bottom of my ears I listened to how they were still having sex and from the corner of my eye I watched them, when I saw the tension in the boy’s shoulders and the veins of his arms and neck I realized that I was about to run, that motivated me more and faster I touched the wall, orgasm began to build inside me, I moved my hip away from the wall and I masturbated again and that active My orgasm, I ran so hard, that my legs lost strength and I fell against the wall.Fuck, that had been a good experience.

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Luvy Gomez: A Treasure at Home

It all started on February 3, 2019.I lived with my grandmother and with my mother and we got sad news about a puppy… At home we had never had a pet and less a dog, something of a lot of commitment. So we decided to go see the puppy and in what conditions it was, It took me 30 minutes to arrive, I remember very well that it was in the afternoon and the puppy was very thin and scared, at that time I was 4 months old, when I saw him I was very nostalgic, I saw that he was female, he was a beagle, he was sick, nobody loved her, so we decided not to come home alone, we went to a veterinarian we vaccinated her and she was bathed, I fell in love instantly.We got home with her, I put her as my best friend "susy" my best friend is Susana, at first she was very quiet and shy, she had myiasis all over her body, she had a hard time recovering, she cried a lot, when she was at another home was mistreated until a wound was opened; in that wound came a fly and laid eggs, then it was filled with worms all over the body… I took her to a vet I did treatments, they also operated her to get some worms, in total there were 11 worms that took her body.After a month and a half she was better, she Then we decided to live alone, she and I, we needed more space, susy has filled gaps in very hard times, it is nice that someone receives you at home, I love you, I chase you wherever you go, I take care of her and she takes care of me take care of wherever, we go we are together, now it is very large, I already operated it to not have puppies and it is a very healthy bitch, it likes to smell the panties and the stockings, it likes to eat shoe insoles and destroys the stuffed animals that I give it , he is afraid of heights and is very spoiled.For people who have time and want to be loved I advise you to adopt a puppy, there are many who need love, and love is something fundamental for everyone, now susy is my only love and she sends you a greeting and a lick in a cheek

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